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What’s your experience been like?

“My experience with Moore Aloha has always been positive, uplifting, and fun. Carissa is the embodiment of Moore Aloha so itʻs hard not to feel overjoyed after every MAM (more aloha moment). She is so sweet and kind, always sharing her knowledge and giving a chance to grow. Giving back with MA is so gratifying because the girls are so excited to learn and that always puts a smile on my face.”

Where are you today?

“With the support of Moore Aloha, my ʻohana and my team I finished 2nd in the 2022 World Surf League Qualifying Series Tour - Hawaiʻi Region & the highest ranking Junior. Iʻm about to embark on my biggest surfing journey yet - my first season on the WSL Challenger Series Tour. Iʻm more confident not only in the water but out of the water too! Iʻm more clear than ever on what kind of human I want to be and how Iʻm going to contribute to our island earth. I also want to continue to give back and uplift other young woman.”

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