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Inspired by coaching at a Hurley Surf Club event at Kewalos in 2017, my Dad and I are currently mentoring four young female surfers between the ages of eleven and fifteen years old from the island of O’ahu. We surf together several times a week while my Dad watches from the beach and gives instant feedback.

In the beginning of the year, I organized a meeting with the girls to brainstorm how we could show “Moore Aloha.” They each stood up in front of our group, all a little nervous but so ridiculously cute and shared their ideas. They suggested performing Hula at an elderly home, working in the taro patches, helping kids on Moloka'i get surfboards, and cleaning up a beach. We have already put their ideas into action and spent time together at a Taro patch cultivating the land and collected over fourteen surfboards for the kids on Moloka'i. Our next visit will be to Lunalilo Homes to spend time with the elderly in December. My heart is so happy to see the next generation inspired to pay it forward.

Over the past year of working with them, I have seen tremendous improvement in their surfing technique, ocean knowledge, and heat strategy. Most importantly, I feel like the program has had a positive impact on their character and growth as individuals.

As of now, this coaching program is limited because of our resources. It is our goal for the near future to get more knowledgeable coaches involved to expand the program and provide mentorship for more young girls.