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queens of queensbreak

Waikiki, Hawaii | October 22nd

Our Queens of Queensbreak event was received so positively that we decided to bring back this event crafted for young women with a vision. Join us for a full day in Waikiki for a free surf, mindfulness practices, and to set intentions through a workshop with Carissa Moore and her personal sports psychologist and life coach, Daniel Zimbra. Our hope is to bring young women of like minds together to share, encourage, and inspire one another while creating unforgettable memories together.

Super girl x Moore Aloha

Jacksonville, Florida | November 10th

This will be our third annual event in collaboration with Super Girl. This day will be centered around spending time with our sea sisters in and around water, breaking down barriers and embracing our authentic selves. Our activities will include a fun tag team event, lei making, hula, and a beach clean up. Our day camp activities encourage all things Aloha: love, kindness and respect for ourselves, others and the world we live in.


Japan x Hawaii Global Exchange

Oahu, Hawaii | December 26 - 30

Our Olympic Legacy program in partnership with Japan cities of Makinohara and Shimoda present the first-ever exchange program providing an opportunity for both Japanese and Hawaii students to experience a new culture and immerse themselves as a global citizen through community and sport. Applicant interview will take place at the end of October.

Through our exchange program we hope to empower the youth to see and be open to the world-at-large, believe in all of their possibilities and create valuable connections and friendships. Through our shared experiences and relationships, we gain the gift of new perspectives, a deeper understanding and sense of empathy. We hope Moore Aloha can help bridge global gaps and unify our world through love, kindness and respect for one another.

For sponsorship inquires, please reach out to


Moore Aloha Camp Hosted by
Natsuki Suda


Tanegashima, Japan | August 26-27

In collaboration with former professional athlete Natsuki Suda, we are excited to sponsor a Moore Aloha camp in the Natsuki’s hometown of the island of Tanegashima. This two-day event will be centered around building community, learning about what Aloha means and sharing about Hawaiian culture through the sport of surfing and mentorship. Apply by June 30th! 

If you’re interested in putting on your own Moore Aloha camp, please email us at! We appreciate all of the small and big ways this community has shared moore aloha.


japan global exchange

Tokyo, JPN
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