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Moore Aloha Camp

South Africa | July

We will be partnering with Sentinel Ocean Alliance, an outreach program that is designed to help give ocean based opportunities to large groups of underprivileged communities. They started in Hout Bay, Cape Town, with a sister program in JBay. We’ll also work closely with our connections in the Eastern Province to bring together a diverse group of girls to share what Moore Aloha means through an empowering, unforgettable experience.

Supergirl x Moore Aloha


This will be our third annual event in collaboration with Supergirl. This day will be centered around spending time with our sea sisters in and around water, breaking down barriers and embracing our authentic selves. Our activities will include a fun tag team event, lei making, hula, and a beach clean up. Our day camp activities encourage all things Aloha: love, kindness and respect for ourselves, others and the world we live in.

2X Moore Aloha Day At the Beach Events

Oahu, Hawaii | Fall

Young Women’s Event

Our Queens of Queensbreak event was received so positively that we decided to bring back this event crafted for young women with a vision. University women are invited for a fun day in the sun, bonding with others like minded through movement (yoga and surfing), creative expression (lei making) and productive discussion (goal setting workshop).

West Side Wahine Event

We’ve been North, South, East and now it’s time to share a little Moore Aloha with our West Oahu Wahine. Open to girls between ages 10-16 years old hailing from the West Side of Oahu, we will be thoughtfully organizing this event to create a welcoming atmosphere. We want our participants to feel all the love so they feel safe and comfortable to be themselves, have open, honest conversations, and step outside their comfort zones.

Japan x Hawaii Global Exchange

Oahu, Hawaii | December

Japanese students from our 2022 Japan Moore Aloha Camps will be spending ten days in Hawaii, experiencing the culture, food and Aloha way of life. Through our exchange program we hope to empower the youth to see the world, believe in the possibilities and create valuable connections and friendships. Through our shared experiences and relationships, we gain the gift of new perspectives, a deeper understanding and sense of empathy. We hope Moore Aloha can help bridge global gaps and unify our world through love, kindness and respect for one another.



x Moore aloha

Oceanside, CA

x moore aloha

Honolulu, HI
NOVEMBER 12 2022

x Moore aloha

Kahala Mall
Honolulu, HI

japan global exchange

Tokyo, JPN
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