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Monthly essay prompt

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MAY 2023

We welcome a beautiful new month, May. May reminds us to celebrate our Hawaiian culture and rich history on May Day (the first!), also known as Lei Day in Hawai’i. Lei represents love, friendship and above all else, aloha.


It’s also a month focused on Mental Health Awareness. Our mental strength is just as important as our physical and emotional strengths. So we in turn ask you to write a short piece of work, a poem, a short story reflecting on how you give moore aloha to yourself? 


How do you fuel your own cup of goodness? In what ways can you learn to cultivate a supportive and encouraging environment to promote growth and development, not only within yourself but in the community around you as well? Write down one action you will commit to in support of this growth for the month of May to celebrate you and nourish your mental health growth.

These are prompts to inspire you – not to limit you!

How to get out of a writing funk

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to begin a sentence, let alone an entire written tale. If you struggle to write in any which fashion, start by first listening to your voice. The voice within your mind, body and soul. The senses we are fortunate to embrace. Take notes. Respond to them.

Deadline to submit is April 30th for a chance to receive a $200 scholarship sponsored by our Moore Aloha Monthly Scholarship sponsor, @Hurley! The winner will be announced the first week of March 2023.
Happy writing!
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