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Monthly essay prompt

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Imagine a world without technology. No internet. No smartphones. None of the modern gadgets that are so naturally a part of our every day.  How would your life be different, both positively and negatively, if you didn’t have these things?


For our November prompt, please write an essay exploring and reflecting on ways in which technology has transformed various aspects of your daily routine, the way you communicate, how you learn and are entertained. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of living in a digitally connected world. Would you be more or less connected to others? How would your hobbies or interests change? How might your dreams and aspirations be influenced? How do you think your relationships, creativity and overall well being would be affected by a technology free world? What is the importance of finding balance and maintaining mindfulness when navigating this digital age?

How to get out of a writing funk

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to begin a sentence, let alone an entire written tale. If you struggle to write in any which fashion, start by first listening to your voice. The voice within your mind, body and soul. The senses we are fortunate to embrace. Take notes. Respond to them.

Deadline to submit is November 30th for a chance to receive a $200 scholarship sponsored by our Moore Aloha Monthly Scholarship sponsor, Hurley! The winner will be announced the first week of December 2023.
Happy writing!
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