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Monthly essay prompt


Have you ever looked in the mirror and picked yourself apart? 

“I used to look at my reflection and think my thighs were too fat. I’d pull the skin apart so that I’d have a thigh gap like all the models I thought were pretty. I’d pinch my stomach to get rid of all the extra skin. Growing up, I very rarely liked what I saw in my physical appearance. I’ve come a long way since then but my perception of myself is still a daily work in progress,” shares our founder, Carissa Moore.


There is no such thing as a “perfect body” or one specific mold that we are all meant to fit in. Our bodies are built for a brilliant reason and we need to start treating it that way! Our cells feed off of the energy, love and positive talk we give it. So instead of beating ourselves up, let’s start celebrating all the good our bodies allow us to achieve. 


Think about a part of your body that you feel most insecure about. Write that part of your body a love letter that starts with an apology and ends with gratitude. Look yourself in the mirror and read yourself the message. In reflection, how did this exercise make you feel?

How to get out of a writing funk

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to begin a sentence, let alone an entire written tale. If you struggle to write in any which fashion, start by first listening to your voice. The voice within your mind, body and soul. The senses we are fortunate to embrace. Take notes. Respond to them.

Deadline to submit is February 29th for a chance to receive a $200 scholarship! The winner will be announced the first week of March 2024.
Happy writing!
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