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Monthly essay prompt

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MARCH 2023

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes it feels like everything is going according to plan, then all of a sudden it unravels and we take a few steps backwards. This process can be frustrating and discouraging but so essential to our learning and growth. Our ability to dance with the ebbs and flows of life is the key to unlocking our true potential.

“Dance” with this idea and reflect on a time that you felt like it was all happening but then it came undone. How did it make you feel? What did you do? Why did you choose this path forward?

Write down some lines about that experience. Attempt to use one or a few of these words: alter, winding, rearrange, open, light. Write until you feel it’s right. Then take a look back and extract 3 or so lines. Turn those lines into a poem. And please share with us. 💫

Deadline to submit is March 31st for a chance to receive a $200 scholarship sponsored by our Moore Aloha Monthly Scholarship sponsor, @Hurley! The winner will be announced the first week of April 2023.
Happy writing!
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