Jacksonville, Florida

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Somehow it feels like the events keep getting better. Our second Moore Aloha X Super Girl event in Jacksonville, Florida was a blast! The girls energy, excitement and A+ attitudes really set the tone for an epic day. There was no shortage of smiles, giggles and Aloha to go around.

The Moore Aloha Ohana was overwhelmed with over sixty incredible applicants from all over the nation and were impressed by the effort and thought put into all the videos and essays. It was really difficult to narrow it down to just twenty four participants. Due to limited resources and safety concerns we have had to keep our events small but hope to accept more girls as we grow and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to settle down.

Our mission is to bring girls together in and around water to share, encourage and inspire each other. With so much information coming our way everyday, it can be hard to remain authentic and grounded to what really matters. Through our events and activities, we hope to empower girls to follow their passions, make new friends and share a lot of Aloha along the way.

After checking in and receiving their goodie bags with awesome swag from Leus, GoMacro, Hurley, Sex Wax, Reverie Jewelry and SunBum, we gathered in a big group circle on the beach and broke the ice sharing our favorite dance moves. Caroline Marks and Sage Erickson came to chat with the girls and answer some great questions before paddling out with everyone for a morning surf.

Next up was the tag team event with beach flags, a swim relay and surf competition. The girls were split into four teams and accumulated points toward their grand total at every activity. It was fun chaos with so many moving parts but fortunately we had lots of amazing volunteers to help keep everyone on track and the games all running smoothly. It was a close battle but blue team really came together strong to take home the win!

Moore Aloha partnered with Surfrider to use our combined girl power to give back and take care of Jax Beach. The Surfrider team shared their values of ocean conservation with us before we cleaned up the area. Of course everything is always a little more fun when some friendly competition is involved, so it was a race to see which team could pick up the most trash and also find the weirdest litter on the beach. Everyone did their part to leave Jax a little better than they found it.

The most special part of the day was learning how to dance hula from the DeSoto sisters, Pua and Anu. Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Pua and Anu are both fluent in Hawaiian and natural ambassadors of the Hawaiian culture. The young girls picked up on the dance quickly, mimicking the graceful movements of their teachers. As a thank you to all the parents, the girls lined up on the sandy stage and danced with Aloha before heading home.

Mahalo to everyone who made this event possible. Special thanks to Rick Bratman, Yvette Cruz, Lei Hookano, Luke Untermann, The Kenworthy Ohana, Chris Moore, Sage Erickson, Caroline Marks, Pua and Anu Desoto, Sisters of the Sea, Hurley, SunBum, Leus, Venus Gillette, GoMacro, SexWax, Reverie Hawaii, Surfrider Foundation, MiniBar Donuts.

To all the people of Jax Beach... thank you for sharing your hometown and hearts with us. The Aloha Spirit is alive and well in your community and we leave feeling full of love and inspired for what's next.

xx, The Moore Aloha Ohana

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