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I believe that everyone can make a difference. Big or small, it just takes a little bit of time, thought and goodwill. With this in mind, I launched Moore Aloha Charitable Foundation with a simple goal: Moore Love. I hope to empower young females through the sport of surfing to be strong, confident and compassionate individuals. Through my surf camps and global initiatives I want to create an environment where girls feel free to be themselves, chase their dreams and are encouraged to make a difference in the world around them. 


On my journey, the winning and accolades have been great but it is when I give back and take the time for others that I feel a true sense of purpose. I really wanted to find a way to give back to the community and sport that has given me so much. Moore Aloha is my way of saying thank you. It is an authentic representation of all I hold dear to my heart and I want to share that with the next generation of females. 

Using surfing as a platform, I want to focus on four main objectives. Being authentic. Stepping outside your comfort zone. Taking the time and having fun! 

Being authentic. The people that I have always looked up to the most are those that are 100%, genuinely themselves. They are real, vulnerable and unafraid of what others may think. There are many variables that can influence our thoughts and actions to be something we are not. We were all made imperfectly perfect and have a unique purpose. I want to encourage girls to embrace all of who they are as well as celebrate and lift others up. 

Stepping outside your comfort zone and facing your fears instills self confidence and propels you forward to overcome the next challenge. The best part about surfing is that the ocean is always changing. No swell, wind or tide is every the same. Everyday there is something different to work with and new to learn. It doesn’t matter what level you are, just getting out there and catching a wave is empowering. 


Take the time. This was actually the winning slogan Nike came up with for my first world title in 2011. At first, I was super confused and didn’t get it. As I let it sink in, I realized those are the best three words to live by. Take the time to give someone a compliment. Take the time to be grateful. Take the time to give back. If we all just took a little more time, I believe the world would be a much better place.


Having fun! When I am having fun and loving what I am doing, that is when my best self comes through both in and out of the water. I want these young women to remember the smiles, friendships and memories made through Moore Aloha. 

Lots of love,