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Growing up in Hawaii,
Aloha is our code to live by. 

It is a sense of love, kindness, compassion, and respect in everything we do. Aloha is giving without wanting anything in return, being mindful of others, the world around you, and treading respectfully. It is the unsaid connection we have with each other, the understanding that we are all navigating this imperfect experience of life together, learning, loving and feeling our way through. 


Traveling the world as a professional surfer, I have been fortunate in finding this same sense of Aloha and community wherever I go. When times get challenging, it is the family and friendships I have made along the way that have championed me. More than any trophy or accolade, it is being part of something bigger than myself and the human connection that has been the most meaningful part of the journey.


In 2018, when I was in a mental low and struggling to find passion and purpose in my surfing career, my dad encouraged me to ground myself in giving back to renew my spark and motivation. Thus, Moore Aloha was born. It all started with a simple question: How can I use my experiences and platform to share “moore love” and be a positive force of change for others? 


Moore aloha. more love.


The kindness, generosity and love I’ve been shown has positively impacted and shaped my values.

No matter what I do or where I go, I always return to my three core pillars to guide me.



Moore Aloha Charitable Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit, is built upon this foundation. My goal is to share the same love I’ve been shown with the next generation and grow a community of strong, confident and compassionate women. 


Our events are built in and around the water, using surfing to bring young women and girls together to encourage, uplift and inspire each other. Through our shared experiences, we are stronger. Annually, we host 3 to 4 events that promote mindfulness, wellness and friendship. We proudly collaborate with other incredible individuals and organizations that have the same vision to put together an intimate, unforgettable experience.  

Live Authentically. Be Fearless.
Lead With Love.
The vision for Moore Aloha is spreading Moore Love through our events, monthly essay scholarships, paid internship and future mentorship programs. It is our dream to expand internationally and create a meaningful global exchange.

Mahalo for your love, support and following along our journey. Stay updated through our site and follow us on Instagram @moorealoha. Your donations are greatly appreciated.



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