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At Moore Aloha we believe in the positive power of people, community and learning from those who have come before us. Mentors can share valuable insight and knowledge from their experiences to help us on our own journey. By providing support, encouragement and guidance, these trusted advisors can play a crucial role in the development and growth of young individuals. Our goal is to help create these meaningful connections.


Through our mentorship program we strive to create a safe space for girls to step outside their comfort zones, discover their strengths, set goals and work towards their dreams. Our mentors are skilled at their craft but also live the Moore Aloha way, empowering the next generation to live authentically, be fearless and lead with love. 


This program is a four to six week commitment, two hours every week. Five to six girls are chosen through an application process to keep it intimate and impactful.


Our pilot program in the spring of 2023 with former professional surfer, Megan Abubo, was a huge success. We did two sessions back to back with girls between 10-16 years old with an intermediate surfing ability. Megan took the girls all over the island of Oahu to surf, sharing her stories, ocean knowledge, perspective on lineups, etiquette, goal setting, competitive strategy, women’s surf history and culture. Megan is best known for her years of traveling the world and competing on the World Championship Tour of Surfing but Moore Aloha is most proud of her heart and leadership.


Mentorship can change the trajectory of a young person’s life by instilling confidence, building resilience and inspiring personal and professional growth. By the end of our Moore Aloha Mentorship, our hope is that girls leave with a sense of belonging, new friendships, life skills and work ethic to help them chase their passions and live with purpose. 


This program is currently only offered on Oahu but we are hoping to expand our reach in the near future. We are excited to branch out and find mentors of other professions such as art, music, dance, and beyond. Stay tuned!


"The most memorable part was my interactions with everyone (the other mentees, parents, and the mentors) in and out of the water. Everyone was so kind and made me feel welcomed and included. This program was great at fostering an inclusive and empowering space for all the mentees. I definitely have gained more connections, confidence, and friends from this program.


My biggest takeaway was to be brave and just go for it. Instead of worrying about falling, be bold and go for that maneuver, because the only way to get better is to try it."


~ Sunny K., Oahu

We are excited to expand these opportunities for young girls and women in Hawaii and eventually beyond the islands. Stay tuned for more details for upcoming mentorships! Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest or follow along the journey on our Instagram @moorealoha.

The entire mentorship programs have been 100% sponsored and paid for by the Moore Aloha Foundation. If you’re interested in learning more on ways to support our cause, please email us at

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