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Mentorship Program

Applications will end on Wednesday, March 1st.
Mahalo for your interest!

Are you interested in learning from one of the best and taking your surfing to the next level? 

Megan Abubo, former Hawaiian professional surfer, will be leading our first Moore Aloha mentorship program. Apply today!

This mentorship program is open to girls based in Oahu, Hawaii with an intermediate surfing ability between ages 10-16 years old. It is a six-week commitment starting the weekend of March 11th to April 16th, meeting once every weekend (location dependent on conditions and swell). We will be accepting five girls. The entire mentorship program will be 100% sponsored and paid for by the Moore Aloha Foundation. 


Megan has years of valuable experience surfing all over the world and competing with the best on the Championship Tour. She will be guiding and sharing knowledge and perspective on lineups, etiquette, technique, ocean awareness, goal setting, competitive strategy, women’s surf history and culture, being an ambassador of Aloha and what being a strong female surfer is all about.


“Athleticism, competitive drive and respect are all important to
me,” Megan said. “We not only represent ourselves as Hawaiian surfers,
we represent our communities, families and Hawaii.”



  • 6 Sessions over 6-weeks. One two-hour session per week. Most likely on weekends.

  • Each session the girls will work with Megan to define goals depending on conditions and individual progression.

  • Focus on taking each athlete's surfing ability and ocean knowledge to the next level. 

  • Depending on conditions, Megan will either watch and observe from the beach or paddle out and surf with the girls.

  • During the last two training sessions, if the girls are interested in improving their competitive mindset, Megan would like to run some mock heats. 

  • Please note: All participants are expected to provide their own transportation to the surf spot weekly.


"It is truly about uplifting female surfers in our lineups, helping
them to achieve any goals they may have and
hopefully making new friends and memories along the way."

Please film a short video of yourself answering the following questions: *

  • What is your first and last name?

  • What is your age?

  • Where you’re from?

  • What school do you attend?

  • What are your surfing goals?

  • Please share any other dreams or aspirations.

  • How can you use your passion for surfing to spread Moore Aloha?

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